Introducing Pluto

A place online where people go to have face-to-face conversations about topics that matter.

Why did we start Pluto?

We started Pluto because we were fed up with the obvious lack of human interaction on social media.

Never before have we been so connected but never before have some people felt so alone. It’s time to stop settling when it comes to how we connect online.

There’s a better way.

Whether we like it or not, certain online behaviours cause chemical reactions. Our brain literally loves notifications, and every time we get another *ping*, we receive a dopamine rush that satisfies our craving and strengthens our addiction. Fortunately, there’s a better way. We can leverage the internet to connect with people in a deeper way by having real conversations.

Why does it feel so good to connect with people?

When we talk to different folks — people of different races, sexual orientations, cultures, and socioeconomic backgrounds — we realize we share a lot of the same strokes. We have a lot in common. Magic happens when we cross paths and spark conversations with all kinds of people. Humans are social by nature, and our natural habitat is in the company of others. Pluto is a place where people can go to satisfy our core human drive to connect, bond, and belong.

Pluto: People Like U Talking Online

Pluto is made up of people like you and me. Pluto is for humans who are interested in other humans. We’ve got athletes talking to artists talking to techies talking to philosophers. People are unique, people are strange, people are awesome. People are everything and it’s people who will make Pluto special.

Our mission is to improve the way we connect.

Pluto is about remembering what it means to connect. It’s about learning and growing together. It’s about taking things we learn from the community and applying them in real life. It’s about smiling, making eye contact and being the first to say hello. Never before have we been so connected but never before have some people felt so alone. We believe there’s a fix:

We believe that conversation cures.

Pluto is an online community where people can have face-to-face conversations that matter. Sign up and tell us what you want to talk about. Then, sit back as we send you a new curated introduction every single day. Meet cool and interesting people and have life-changing conversations.

Feel free to say hello on messenger or shoot me an email, I’d love to connect.